♥ Indie Love ♥

Hi lovelies! I’ve decided to start a page just for Indie Brands!! I recently scrolled through The Crumpet’s Indie page and I loved it so much I decided my blog HAD to have one too!!! LOL! 😉

♥All polishes are bought by me unless otherwise noted.♥

♥These are my personal opinions of the following polishes.♥

Amy’s Nail Boutique



This polish is a clear base with red, orange, yellow, purple, green and blue matte hex glitters.

I started with Orly White Tips on all fingers except for my accent nail which I left naked.

The base for this polish is rather thin and the glitter is sparse on the first coat, but by the second or third coat you’ll have what you see in the photo on the left!


I don’t think this polish is still available in her etsy shop… at least I couldn’t find it when I looked to link it up in my review. 😦

All in all it’s worth a few coats (and they dry pretty fast as far as glitter coats go) to have a Fiesta on your nails!

Woodsie’s Wish


Woodsie’s Wish has matte turquoise, yellow, blue, pink, orange, hot pink and purple glitter in a white base.

With the first coat of Woodsie’s Wish you’ll have medium size hex glitter suspended in and laying on top of the milky white base. The base isn’t super full coverage in the first coat so you’ll either have to start with some white undies or add a second coat. I opted for a second coat instead of a white base.DSC03513 As you can see the second coat also has glitter suspended in it and laying on top. It also gives the effect of a glitter sandwich!

The bright glitter and milky base make for a fun manicure!

As of 06/06/13 this polish is still available on her etsy site!

Digital Nails

my other car is a TARDISDSC03363

DSC03294Here’s the description from Digital Nails

This polish is inspired by the Doctor’s magnificent blue box, the impossibly amazing TARDIS. It is 15ml of rich blue jelly base with royal blue hex glitter, deep ocean blue micro glitter, and holographic deep and oceanic blue small hex glitters.

I started with Pure Ice French Kiss on my ring finger and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri on my pinky with all other nails naked.

Application of this polish was a dream!! The jelly is on the thickish side, but was very easy to manage and dried quickly!!

With all that glitter I was a little nervous about application and I was sure it would be top coat hungry. I was so excited when I didn’t have to “dab” any of the glitter onto my nails and ONLY THE LAST PICTURE HAS A TOP COAT!!


I usually use a top coat, but I was so impressed by how shiny and smooth this polish is without it I wanted to show you all! LOL!

As you can see I started with one coat on all my nails and there are tons of labeled step by step photos that I’m adding into a gallery at the end… for now I’ll be skipping ahead to coats 3 and 4. 😉DSC03334

You can see coat 3 on my index and coat four on all the other nails here. I liked the first 3 coats on my naked and painted nails, but coat four just sealed the deal on that naked middle nail!!! Mind you there is no top coat over that fourth coat! It’s naturally just smooth, silky and gorgeous!! I am so excited to try out her other polishes!!DSC03347

Last but not least I have four coats over naked nails with a top coat of NYC Grand Central Station. You can see the top coat added a bit of shine, but it wasn’t needed for fast drying or glitter manageability!! The different sizes and shades of blue & holographic glitter really add beautiful depth to this polish!

Even if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, this is a really amazing blue that you’ll love in your collection!


Candy Corn

Falling For You

Hit Polish

It’s Electric

I’m Doing My Nails Today

Panic Attack



All nails are one coat of IDMNT Panic Attack over 2 coats of Ulta For Bitten.

My ring finger is full glitter and the other nails I just swiped it from the center of my nail to the tip.

This is a gorgeous mix of brown and pink glitter in a clear base!

I used matte top coat in the photo below and it turned out just as gorgeous! DSC02254

I didn’t place any of the glitter, I just swiped it on like any other polish. 🙂 I didn’t have any trouble with application and after the top coat it was very smooth.

Lacquer Convention


Pop Tart

Llama Lacquer


Strawberry Susie

Lush Lacquer

Birthday CakeDSC02478Here’s the description for Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is a creamy white base with a mixture of confetti glitter… pink, orange, gold , blue, green and purple iridescent small glitters are used throughout. It also has the same colors in bar strips. We added holographic silver hex glitters to make it sparkle.”

I used 3 coats of Birthday Cake in these photos. It’s a little gritty because of all the glitter, but a top coat smooths it out nicely. This like all the other Lush Lacquer polishes I’ve tried is gorgeous and filled to the  brim with glitter!


I’m a fan of white or milky base polishes with glitter and this one really is like having a mini birthday party on your nails!!! LOL! You can see in this photo I top coated with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and it’s as smooth as can be now!!

This bottle has so much glitter there was no fishing in the bottle or glitter placement done for these photos. I just stroked it on as I normally would.

Disco Queen


Disco Queen has aqua, magenta, orange and gold micro glitter suspended in a clear base.

My swatches are over a base of China Glaze Dance Baby!

You get really pretty coverage with one coat but I decided to add a second coat just for good measure! 😉


As with most of the other Lush Lacquer glitter polishes I’ve tried there’s really no need to fish for glitter or move glitter around to get good coverage with this polish.

It had a nice smooth finish even before top coating!

Paradise Cove


Peppermint Kisses


Perky Plum


Pink Panther

Salt n Peppa


I can’t say enough about Lush Lacquer Polishes!!!! They are a mother and daughter team and their love for polish making can be seen in the quality of  their polish!

I have 4 colors so far and I don’t have one complaint about any of them!!! This is a gorgeous mix of white, black and iridescent glitter in all shapes and sizes, it makes for a beautiful glitterbomb mani!!!

In the swatch photo I used 2 coats of salt n peppa.

Here’s the description from their etsy shop.

“It is an incredibly beautiful sheer base with a mixture of different sizes and shapes of black and white glitters… squares, hexagons, rounds and bar strips make up this “killer combo”. We added iridescent glitter to make it different from all the other black & white combos out there.”

I started this one with FP Black Expressionism and Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party so you could see the shapes and sizes of the black and white glitters really well. I started with a base coat of Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus and finished with a thick coat of gelous as a top coat. Once top coated with a nice thick top coat this polish has a nice smooth finish!

Santa Baby


Silver Bells


Snow Angel



Mentality Nail Polish

12k GoldDSC02515

This polish was a little tricky to work with! I started out by rolling the bottle like the directions on the site said to, but I admit I did end up shaking the shit out of this polish before I finished my manicure!! LOL!


Here’s a quick description & directions given by Mentality Polish on their etsy site.

This is pure 12 karat white gold leaf in a suspension base top coat. Roll to mix. Heavy shaking will lead to a finer particle size and more even dispersion.

Tips for application: Roll the bottle to mix. Shake well for a finer flake size. Apply one normal coat of 12k Gold. Dab the gold flake on the nail for even distribution. Final top coat is optional.

As you can see by the first picture this is not a one coat polish… this was after I rolled the bottle and applied one normal coat of polish. I also tried dabbing some flake on.DSC02519

You can see the second coat went on better. I shook the bottle before applying this one! I stroked on a normal coat and then dabbed some flakes too. My thumb started out as one largish flake then spread into that ginormous full coverage flake you see!! LOL! I tried to move it around a little and ended up spreading it across my whole nail. It was a learning experience 😉 It actually looked really pretty in IRL, but it didn’t match the rest of the mani. DSC02523

By the 3rd coat I had developed a technique to applying and it involved a lot of dabbing and less painting. The end result is gorgeous and it was well worth the $$ and learning curve!! I would recommend you just practice, practice, practice and don’t get frustrated!!

These pictures DO NOT accurately capture the beauty of this polish. 😦

I’m actually considering buying the Gold version of this polish also 24k Gold.


Mod Lacquer

Salida Del Sol


Here’s the description from Mod Lacquer.

Salida Del Sol is a pale warm yellow sheer base with a variety of colors and different sizes of glitter. 

I’m not usually a fan of yellow, but this polish just called to me when I was on Mod Lacquer’s etsy site. It just made me think of summer flowers… black-eyed susans, tulips, and roses. DSC03360

This polish does not disappoint! It’s a soft warm pastel yellow and there is SO much glitter packed into the bottle! Because of all that glitter the finished result is a slightly gritty nail, but one coat of NYC Grand Central Station top coat fixed that problem!

Because the base is a light shear yellow you get a glitter sandwich effect with multiple layers of this polish!

I used 3 coats in all my photos. I have a few nail art ideas to try  out with this polish also! I think it will be gorgeous with a little stamping done over it!DSC03367

My Nail Graffiti

Snow Day

Pinky 1 coat Snow Day
Ring 2 coats Snow Day
Middle 1 coat Snow Day over LA Colors White
Index 1 coat Snow Day over Finger Paints Black
Thumb 3 coats Snow Day

Snow Day is a sheer milky white base with pastel iridescent hex and micro glitters. It’s easy to build a full coverage look with this polish, but it would take 3-4 coats. It’s a beautiful polish that’s great for more than just Winter Manicures!!! After the top coat it was still a little textured. The top coat I used is kind of thin so if you use a thicker top coat it might not be a problem. 😉 I bought this polish from a blog sale and I couldn’t find a link to an etsy shop or a blog for this company. 😦 If anyone has a link please leave it in the comments!!

All nails are base coated with Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus and top coated with Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus. 🙂

Neener Neener Nails

Sexy Bish

DSC02279 This is a beautiful clear base with fine gold glitter and small holo hex glitter. The pictures show 1 coat over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Wined Up and a top coat of NYC In A New York Minute Quick Dry. It went on really easy and had a slight rough texture due to all the glitter, but with a good top coat it isn’t a problem!


Train Underwater


Slow Fade of LoveDSC02362

Pretty & Polished

Party On My Yacht

Red Carpet Lacquer


I’ve used two coats of each color as my “underwear” and one coat of Grifter. No glitter was placed, I just swiped it on like any other polish. 😀

Thumb– Revlon Poshgrifter1Index– Finger Paints Black Expressionism
Middle– LA Colors Pink
Ring– Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Bolt Blue
Pinky– China Glaze Roguish Red

Grifter is part of Red Carpet Lacquer’s “Leverage” series. Here’s the description from her blog…

“6 Different shapes and sizes of silver holographic glitter, including 2 different sizes of bars and hexes, as well as diamonds.”

I am so in love with this glitter polish!! It is packed full of glitter in every size and shape!

These pictures just don’t do it justice! If you want bling, this is the polish to use!! I’m not a big fan of green, but it was my favorite underwear for Grifter in these photos!

Mrs. White


I’ve used 2 coats of each color for my “underwear”:

Thumb-OPI-Kiss Me On My Tulips
Index– Nicole by OPI- Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam
Ring– Ulta- Celebutante
Pinky– Finger Paints-Circus Peanuts

I think Mrs. White by Red Carpet Lacquer is from her Clue Collection. It’s a clear base with matte black micro glitter, white circle glitter and white raised hex glitter. This is one coat on all nails!! I didn’t place any of the glitter, just swiped it on like any other polish! Beautiful isn’t it?

I adore how it looks on every color I’ve tried it over! On dark colors it reminds me a little of snow and over the light colors it looks so summery!! Because the larger white hex glitter is raised it has a slightly textured finish, but it’s not a scratchy glitter feel and doesn’t bother me at all.

I used Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus and Top Coat Plus. With a thicker top coat the feel of the glitter may be less noticeable.

Sassy Lacquer

Our Painted World



Vivid Lacquer

Autumn Harvest

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