Gold Rules!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS NAILS!!!!!I’ve been anxiously awaiting December for this very reason!

I originally saw a similar manicure using this image at This is the 1st time I used this particular image from BM14 and I loved it! I think it would be super adorable across the tip on a white french also!  

I recently ordered another set of dotting tools from ebay and thankfully they arrived before I decided to do this design b/c my old one would have been 3x’s too big! LOL! 

Today’s mani used Maybelline Express Finish “Gold Rules” which is a foil, the green doesn’t have a brand any longer but the color is “Yoda”, Orly “Starspangled” and La Senza “24carat cairo”.

In other non-nail news I have a couple of adorable pictures of my daughter’s cat checking out the chimney on our garage today. He’s such a little nut! He actually had his head and front paws in the chimney before I came out with the camera… wish I been able to snap that shot!


Doc (a.k.a Dr. Frankenfurter)

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