Christmas Candy Stripes

Yesterday I took my daughter and her boyfriend to Kraynack’s Christmas Store. Besides the wait to actually get in (and I chipped my thumb nail so bad that I had to file it down to 1/2 the original length)… we had a really fun time. They have some absolutely gorgeous displays!

This was my favorite Tree!

Candy Christmas Tree!

My mani last night was inspired by the above tree 🙂

Christmas Candy Stripes

They remind me a little of ribbon candy if it was made out of glitter!!! 😉

I used LA Colors Art Deco Stripers “Green Glitter” and “Red Glitter”, Kiss Nail Art Paint “Silver Glitter” on all the striped nails. For the Santa nail I used Orly “Star Spangled”, Kiss Nail Art Paint “Black” and “Silver Glitter”



3 thoughts on “Christmas Candy Stripes

  1. Thanks! This was actually a really easy design because it was basically just a bunch of stripes! 😉 I didn’t even wait for the colors to dry before starting another so it went really fast also!!!


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