Santa’s Elves

OK, so I don’t really have elves on my nails, but they make me think of those little dresses the girls wear when you get your picture taken with Santa at the mall!! 🙂

I’m using my Mom’s camera today… sorry I couldn’t get the settings figured out to get a less blurry image 😦 My camera will be home tonight so hopefully I can get it charged and ready for tomorrow’s nail pictures! 😉

I had originally intended to do a different design today so I started with Orly French Manicure “Pink Nude” then a thin coat of CQ “French Pink”. Those weren’t necessary to the design I actually did… so if you’re gonna try this out start with Orly “Star Spangled” on 1/2 the nail then add Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear “Emerald City to the other 1/2! I only did one thin coat because I was covering it with a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails “Shimmer” because I was lazy and didn’t want to wait for it to dry before I added a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails “Shimmer”. You don’t have to worry about overlapping the 2 colors too much because when you’re done you are going to take a striper (I used Kiss Nail Art Paint “Silver Glitter”) and run it right down the seam. 🙂

I think I finished this mani in around 30-35 minutes and part of that I was playing Gardens of Time on Facebook so it may have gone faster had I not been distracted! LOL!


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