Nail Photo Advice I Found!!

I was so excited to find a great blog post about nail photography! She has some wonderful tips and tricks that I plan to try out! Check out both her posts here and here!!

Here is another great tut on “How to Paint your Nails” sounds silly right? Nope this is the best way to paint them and not have to do a ton of cleanup! I always forget to neaten up my nails before photos and I usually only have a few small spots that need it because I follow these steps!

I probably wouldn’t have any messy spots if I’d take a little more time, but I usually do my nails late at night and by the time I decide on a design, get everything out and then finally start painting I just want to hurry up so I can get my Fast Forward top coat on them and go to bed! LOL!

I know I should really start doing them earlier right?

Hope these tutorials, tips and tricks help you out!



One thought on “Nail Photo Advice I Found!!

  1. Thanks for sharing! These are very helpful posts.

    Haha I have very bad experience with doing my nails before I go to bed. Twice, I’ve woken up with the weave of my sheets imprinted onto my nails! I did them over an hour before I went to bed too. Now I just do them in the middle of the day.

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