Disco New Years Day Nails!

with flash

So in love with my nails right now!

I used 2 coats of L’Oreal Jetset “Black Box” and 1 coat of OPI “Rainbow Connection” for this manicure. Rainbow Connection is super glittery and goes on really THICK. It’s almost a full coverage glitter! I had to really swipe the brush on the inside edge of the bottle to remove it from the brush and

get the amount I have on my nails!! If you look you can see my pointer finger still has a ton more glitter than the other nails! LOL!  

without flash


Today I also started using NailMagic! I was so nervous after reading tons of reviews that said it burns and bruises nails… but I forged ahead– Oh what we won’t do for fabulous nails!!  The instructions said to allow 2-4 weeks after acrylics before using NailMagic. My nails are still pretty damaged from the acrylics, though it’s been way longer than the 4 weeks recommended. I didn’t get any burning or bruised feeling from it! 🙂 I did however feel like my nails were tighter. As I type this sentence I realize how silly it sounds, but it’s the only way I feel I can describe it. They don’t hurt they feel tight… it’s been approximately an hour now and the tight feeling is receding so I guess it was a temporary side effect! YAY! 

Hope you all have a beautiful January 01.



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