Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years Eve to you ALL!!!!

This mani was inspired by a post on my new favorite blog Chloe’s Nails see the design here. Unfortunately she hasn’t posted since October… but fingers crossed she’ll start feeling better and begin to blog again!

We are staying in tonight because having a few drinks with friends is NOT worth driving with all the drunks… soooo it’s a good thing I took my daughter, her boyfriend and bestie to a movie (The Darkest Hour) and mall or nobody but you would have seen the awesomeness that was my New Years Eve Mani! Well nobody but all of my wonderous internet friends! LOL!!

I did get a compliment on it while shopping, YAY! It always brings a smile to my face when someone notices/compliments my nails!

This mani used Pure Ice “All Nighter”, Maybelline Express Finish “Gold Rules”, La Senza Ooh la Nails “24 Carat Cairo”

Hope you all have a super safe and fun New Years Eve!



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