Grey Ombre Nails


I had fun doing this manicure! It also goes well with the dreary weather today (and my mood). We had our first real snow! It’s beautiful… but a bitch to drive in 😦 My son’s bus didn’t show up to the school this afternoon so I ended up driving to get him. The drive there wasn’t bad as long as you were careful… the drive home was ridiculous. I had a constant braker in front of me (going down a very steep hill) and a tailgating semi behind me and both kids in the car. Talk about stress! LOL!

Outside our kitchen window 1:00pm today


I used 4 colors for this manicure after a base of NailMagic.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle ” White Tip” on the pinky, a franken of “White Tip” and NYC In a NewYork Color Minute “Sidewalkers” on the ring, “Sidewalkers” on the middle, a franken of “Sidewalkers” and China Glaze “Near Dark” on the Index, Petites “Night” on the thumb. Near Dark is slightly greenish grey which you can see coming through in the sunlight picture, but inside it’s a more grey, grey… LOL!

Above is a picture of how I made my frankens. Those silver discs are just the backs of a couple Konad plates and I mixed them with the darker of the 2 color’s brushes and slapped them on my nails. I knew I didn’t want a whole bottle of either color. This was the least wasteful way I could think to try it! I still had a enough extra to do several more fingers 😦

As always I top coated with China Glaze Fast Forward Top coat and here in a little bit I’ll be adding a coat of NailMagic also. The bottle said to use it as a base and top coat when using other polish. Still no burning, itching or other weird side effects from using it! YAY!



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