Polish Stash/Organization

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

This whole post will be pictures of my polishes and organization. I use the term organization loosely because I know where everything is and think it’s pretty organized, but when you all take at look at the  pictures you’re going to laugh! 😉

I do my nails at my computer desk… which is a disgusting mess all the time so NO pictures of the whole desk!! LOL!

This is a shelf on my desk where I keep all my brushes, removers, oils, dotting tools, Konad plates etc.

Above my keyboard I keep my essentials that I use every single manicure. From left to right NailMagic, China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (I just started using this), China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat and LA Colors Cuticle Oil.

LA Colors isn’t the best cuticle oil… but it’s very thin and I can apply it as soon as I top coat my nails. After they have dried I use Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme or a cheap Sally Beauty Cuticle Oil that works wonders!

A quick picture of my swatch wheels! I didn’t get any great pictures of them all laid out on the table so I’ll have to do a follow-up post of them. 😦

This is what I keep all my polishes in.

Top drawer of the smaller container. I keep all my special polishes in here… such as Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love, Konad Polishes, Hardeners.

Next drawer down is crackle.

The 3rd drawer is whites and blacks.

Then greys and silvers. 🙂

The last of the small drawers is browns, coppers and golds! I have way more of these than I thought and the drawer doesn’t actually close without pulling two of them out! I may have to add another small box on top of this one! LOL!

The top drawer of the larger box is all glitter, Orly French Manicure and other light neutral base coats.

Next down is purples.

I know a few of those look pinkish, but they are actually more of a magenta/purple mix.

Next is blues and greens.

Last but not least and the fullest drawer is red, pink, orange and yellow. I only have a couple of orange and yellow, but if I add that other small box on top I’ll have room to move them out of the red/pink box. 🙂

These are my stripers. I keep them in a wire basket on top of my desk.

Here’s a better picture of the basket. I also keep my Konad scraper and stamper in this basket.

I also have a bigger set of drawers but I only use the top drawer of it to keep my Nail Star 2 Way pens/brushes, nail files, nail tips for trying designs and extra nail wheels.

This is the side of that drawer. I added removable hooks to hang my swatch wheels from. I actually haven’t drilled the holes in the wheels yet so the finished project will have to wait for another post. In the 1st picture of this post you can see I have them sitting on top of my big set of drawers (in front of the small set) which means I actually have to move them every time I want to get into the smaller drawers. 😦

So I told you I feel very organized because it’s my mess, but I know in reality I could do a little better!!  Let me know how you all organize your polishes and polish accessories!!! I’d love to hear your ideas!



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