Red Nails for the Hubby

Just a super simple red mani today for my sweet hubby! ♥ He loves RED nails and I almost never do just a red nail with no other design… gotta keep him happy right? This is 2 coats of ULTA Steppin Out. I’ve added a gallery below of a few more photos! I actually have ulterior motives for choosing this simple red mani.

::Insert devilish grin and finger tapping here::

I saw this post and I want to try it sooo bad! 😉 I figured I’d just recycle my red mani into this new mani once my tips start to wear a little!! YAY! Hopefully it turns out as beautiful as Heather’s did!


4 thoughts on “Red Nails for the Hubby

  1. My dad always said he only liked clear nails and I thought he was just old school. Now I ask my husband what he likes and he likes… CLEAR (!!), French tip, and red/pink. BO-ring! What’s with these guys?! I think I’ll follow suit tho and have red nails for a bit (few hours) and then do those red/white spotty nails. They’re super cute! For some reason they remind me of pin-up girls’ high-waisted shorty shorts… idk know why! Haha.

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