Pink Wednesday Popular Pop Tarts

I posted yesterday about The Broad Stroke’s Giveaway for Lacquer Convention’s Pop Tart custom blended nail polish shade.You can earn an extra entry by displaying your nails with a Pop Tart!!! I thought this was such a cute and clever way to add entries! Above you can see my picture of Pop Tarts & Nails! I didn’t have any actual Pop Tarts in the house (I only buy them on sale LOL!) so I found a beautiful picture online instead!

Just so happens my Pink Wednesday manicure looked fabulous with Pop Tarts… DOUBLE YAY! 😀

This is two thickish coats of Revlon Popular. Inside with flash.

Inside no flash.

Another Pop Tart Picture…

Inside with Flash

Outside no flash. It’s a dreary day.. sorry!

This is a milky pink/lilac base with silver chunky hexagon and micro glitters in it. I actually liked it better with one coat, but forgot to photograph it before doing the second coat 😦



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