Haul #3

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!

Spoiled Designated Driver… love the name, but had I not had my daughter with me I wouldn’t have picked this color. Once I swatched it I decided it is a pretty and deep sunflower yellow! LOL! I must say it had a horrible brush problem when I first opened the bottle 😦 I actually had to get the scissors out and trim the stray bristles that were 3 times longer than the rest of the brush! I pray this isn’t a problem with ALL Spoiled polish brushes! I was so excited to find $1.99 polishes in such cute colors!

Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired is a really pretty teal shimmer. Oh and the name…. so funny!

Sally Hansen HD DVD. This is my second Sally Hansen HD polish. The other is a very sheer orang-ish/coral color called Three-D so I knew what to expect on this one and it didn’t dissapoint me. It’s also a very sheer blueish, purpley teal! I was so excited when I swatched it on my wheel!

Spoiled Trust Fund Baby’s glitter looks very teal, pink and gold but when I swatched it this afternoon it looks a lot like OPI’s Rainbow Connection. Maybe I’ll do a swatch comparison tomorrow…

SQEEEEEE Spoiled Paying With Platinum is gorgeous in the bottle! I can not wait to paint this on my nails!! It’s a silver multichrome that flashes purple and teal!!! Beautiful and unlike any other polish I own! YAY!!! 😀



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