Last of my haul #4

Although all the words have rubbed off of a bunch of them and I can’t tell what type of Revlon they are I still LOVE them!! I have Revlon polishes from 10-13 years ago that I still wear today and I’ve never thinned them out! I can’t say that about polishes I bought last year!!! I pray this is one that will last a lifetime because it is absolutely the perfect blue! 😉

Thank goodness I can’t pass up a bargain bin! I paid a whopping $1.12 for this Revlon Lilac Pastelle. This is a color I wouldn’t have bought had it cost more than $1.12. It’s from the Summer 2010 line, but who cares… I see maybe lilac Easter Eggs in my nail future!

Last but absolutely not least is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails cardinal. I literally paid .75 cents for this stupid polish that is the most beautiful bright red I’ve ever seen! SCORE!!!! 😀

Moral of the story is don’t pass up a bargain bin because it might have something you don’t really need (or want) but is so cheap you’ll buy it anyway! LMAO!



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