Pink Wednesday Bubblegum Pink

Yesterday it was in the high 60’s and sunny!!! Not the usual March weather for around here! LOL! It inspired me today a bright and flowery pink Mani for today! 😀 

I think I hit my length on my nails because two of them are starting to roll in on themselves! My pinky and index finger! You can see it pretty good on my index finger in this picture! Look at the right side of my index tip- it’s not filed round that’s where the edge has started to roll under!!! Not happy!!!! I’m going to try oiling them more. Right now I use a lot of cream cuticle oils, but I’m going to try actual oily oils and see if it makes a difference… I don’t want to cut them, but I may have to!!

This mani used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bubblegum Pink, Konad Black Special Polish and 3 images from Plate B87. You can’t tell from the pictures but Bubblegum Pink has a very slight shimmer to it! I hated it when i first painted them, but after the stamping I really like this color!

I sang Aqua- Barbie Girl the whole time I painted this pink on! LOL!



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