Spring Flowers

These are my submissions for Pretty Nail Swag’s say goodbye to winter and welcome SPRING!! nail art contest! I had so much fun with these two manicures!

Just a quicky picture to show you how I work up my nail art when I’m not sure what I want to do! LOL!

This started out as an actual photo of my nails that I cartooned in Picasa’s photo editor, then photo copied a whole page of them! Sometimes I just draw out what I want with a pencil or pen and other times I lay tape down over the nails and actually paint them!!! You can see I actually painted these… unfortunately I didn’t get a picture after I practiced my flowers, but I’ll tell you it was a mess!!!!

I have 9 per page on this one and I also have another page with my thumb on it also! 😉

This is 2 coats of Revlon Lilac Pastelle it has a light pink undertone. It’s a little too pale for my skin all on it’s own, but I loved it after I added nail art! 😀

My first submission was of Crocus!! The above picture is inside w/ flash. I thought it was the perfect  flower for saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring because it’s always the 1st bulb to bloom in my garden… usually even before the snow has melted (though this year we had a major lack of snow)!


I used Revlon Lilac Pastelle, Ulta Celebutante, Revlon Posh and Orly Wild Wisteria

Those are my Crocus in the background! They are almost done for the season and closed up. 😦

My little Peanut was so upset that I was taking pictures of my nails and not putting her back in the house! LOL!

My second submission was of Hyacinth. These are my favorites!! Sadly I don’t have any of these planted and only one of my pictures turned out to be bloggable! 😦

This one used Revlon Lilac Pastelle and Finger Paints Grape Gumball, with Revlon Posh for the greenery.



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