Hello my name is Pop Tart! (Review)


Please excuse the dry cuticles in the following pictures 😦 I used acetone to remove my last mani and I wanted to get the photos done outside before I lost all the light!! So no time to oil the cuticles for you guys!! Sorry!

I got my package yesterday from The Broad Stroke, Pop Tart by Lacquer Convention!!!

How adorable are her labels!?!?!

I have been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival since I ordered it from 03/13/2012! I must say she is a FAST shipper!!!

Paid the 13th and received it the 19th! YAY!!!

I literally did a happy dance from the mailbox, up my hill and through the kitchen… thankfully I had the sense to stop while cutting open the package! 😉

It’s a beauty in the bottle and on the nail!

Here is one coat! It’s so glitterlicious! I could have stopped here but…

I added a second coat and then…

a 3rd and final coat then I top coated with NYC In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry.

I can’t wait to play with this over white and some color polishes! ♥

The polish is a beautiful milky sheer white jelly filled to the brim with large and small rainbow glitter, glitter and more glitter! It goes on beautifully smooth and had a nice gloss to it even before I top coated!

I was worried after the first coat that the glitter was going to be crazy rough on my nails because there was sooo much of it, but to my surprise after 3 coats of polish chock full of glitter I only used one thin coat of NYC In A Minute. This is my 1st time using NYC “IAM” and it’s a very thin (almost runny) top coat that did dry super fast AND I don’t have a single  scratchy glitter spot!

I am in LOVE with Lacquer Convention polishes after only one bottle! LOL!



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