Stripes and Dots in Silver

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days!!! I swear I have good excuses that I’ll show you later in the post! 😀

I saw this beautiful design on another nail blog and thought I saved the link, but can’t find it now 😦 So if you know who did this design in a really pretty aqua blue and hot pink please post it in the comments!! Thanks!

I picked up a couple of new polishes from Ninja Polish and they arrived yesterday!!! I was literally waiting at the mailbox for these yesterday! LOL! The mailman asked me if I was expecting a Publisher’s Clearing House check… of course I answered no, BETTER nail polish!!! LMAO!

I ordered to colors/brands. 

Luderana Aurora Boreal- RELUZ and

Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

They both swatched beautifully on my nail wheels!! I actually only used Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight on this mani though!

So here we go I did a nice thickish coat of Finger Paints Easel Come! Easel Go! (which is my favorite silver polish) and then a stripe of Glitter Gal’s 10 to Midnight down the center of my nail finishing it on with Finger Paint EC!EG! and a dotting tool!  All that shimmer you see in the bottle shot is now on my nails!! WooHoo! I couldn’t get a great picture of it on the nail though! 😦

Now to the reasons I haven’t posted!!!

First I have been shopping for a dress, shoes, jewelry (and of course polish) for a wedding I have in July! I know July is a far way off… but I have such a hard time finding things I really like AND can afford!!! LOL!

So here’s a quick little shop of my success on that front!

Dress and shoes are from jcpenney, the flip flops and wristlet are from Kohls. I also got some jewelry from Kohls and DOTS!! YAY! I’ll be practicing some beautiful nails to go with this dress really soon!

The second excuse was that I was commissioned by my cousin to make another baby blanket for a shower gift! YAY! It turned out adorable! She wanted yellow and green…

I hope those are reasonable excuses! Sorry!!



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