Competition Entry!

Above you can see my entries for  My Awesome Beauty’s Nail Art Competition! Instead of a nail art theme to follow she actually did two designs with tutorials to follow. The idea was to watch the tutorials then recreate them on your own nails! YAY!

Unfortunately my tape got a little stretchy when I pulled it from the dispenser so I had a few spots where my polish seeped under the tape… 😥 But overall I was happy with the colors I chose.

For this mani I wanted to use all neons, but my boggi polish is super thin and literally takes almost 8 coats to semi cover my nail!!!

To skip all those coats of polish I decided to do I coat of LA Colors Static Electricity (which is amazingly close in color to Blazing Blue), then 2 coats of boggi Blazing Blue followed by China Glaze In the Lime Light, China Glaze Flying Dragon and Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink. (All of which ARE neon). I used NYC in A New York Minute between each layer and also as a top coat over the finished mani. I actually received a beautiful compliment on this mani from a sweet cashier at

JC Penney while shopping for ties today! 😀

This mani used an LA Colors red that lost it’s tag,  (I hate when that happens) then China Glaze LUBU Heels and to finish Sally Hansen Gem Crush Cha-Ching! Top coated with Gelous and then NYC In a New York Minute. This is my favorite out of the two! I loved the different textured glitters paired with the red creme! I’m going to try to remember to do this color combo again!

This competition ends tomorrow so HURRY and get those nails painted!!!



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