Turquoise Bubbles

How pretty are these colors!?! Love them all!

This was my first time using Essie Turquoise & Caicos. It was super sheer and took 3 coats to get full coverage! But it was worth it in the end because I’m in love with the color! So springy!!! Next is China Glaze Shower Together. I’ve used this one many times and it is so beautiful all on it’s own I almost didn’t follow through with the mani I had chosen! LOL! Lastly Is Essie Trophy Wife, which I totally bought because of the name! Oh don’t tell me you’ve never done it!!! LOL!

Originally I had planned on using Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired. You can see it in the above picture at far left. It’s a really pretty dark base (I can’t decide if it’s black or deep green/teal) filled with teal micro glitter. It actually stamped beautifully, but not of the glitter showed. 😦 Glad I tried it on my paper hand first!

Here the colors are pre-stamping! Shower Together on 4 nails and Turquoise & Caicos on the accent finger.

I used BM19 circles and Essie Trophy Wife.

Here’s how they turned out! I’m so happy with them! I couldn’t get my stupid camera to pick up the shimmer in Trophy Wife on the nail, but I promise it’s there in real life! On the 4 nails in doors it almost looks like color on color… very subtle. But in the sun light you can really see it better!



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