Nail Mail- Observatory by Lacquer Convention

Nail Mail from Lacquer Convention!!

I got this several days ago but hadn’t had a chance to post about it! Unfortunately I don’t have an amazing bottle shot of this polish which is sad because it is gorgeous in the bottle and her labels are so freaking cute!!!! The formula was great! It applied very smooth. The glitter is very fine micro glitter so there was no problem with it being scratchy… YAY!

The first picture shows 1 coat of Essie Trophy Wife on 4 nails and 1 coat of Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired on 1 nail. Love these colors together! But it gets better!!!!

My ring finger is dotted and tipped with Trophy wife and all other nails are dotted striped and tipped with Lacquer Convention Observatory!

Can you even believe how chalk full of glitter that polish is!?!?! Sometimes I have a hard time getting the micro glitters to show on my camera, but this polish was a dream to photograph! Love it!

I am so happy with the way this turned out! I even got a huge compliment on them from a cashier at Pat Cattans while shopping for more baby blanket yarn today! 😀



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