2 and 3–>Plasma Plays in 21 Ways

2 Add a Layer of Shimmer/Glitter/Anything You Choose, To That Nude

#1 was Rock a Nude- I used 2 coats of Orly French Manicure Sheer Nude for this.

#2 Add Glitter- I added 1 coat of Petites Trick Or Treat over my nude for this one. Top coating it with Gelous and then NYC In a NY Minute Quick Dry!

I chose Trick or Treat because I almost never use it and I hoped the silver and iridescent bar and micro glitters would be cute on my nude nails!

Thankfully I it!!!

#3 Polka Dots (get creative, do multi colors, do it over the nude from before or change your base color, go monochromatic) So many Options!

I couldn’t wait for #3 add polka dots! After I came in from weeding my flower beds I decided to go ahead and add my dots! LOL! Having fun layering…

Inside no flash

I added glitter polka dots right over my earlier nude/glitter! Orly Star Spangled is a super glitter filled red and China Glaze Stone Cold is a charcoal matte polish with silver shimmer. You have to dot pretty fast with Stone Cold because it sets up and dries pretty quickly!

You really need to enlarge the pictures to see the glitter and shimmer better! Just click the pics and they should pop up a little bigger for you! 😀

Inside w/ flash

I now have 2 coats of Sheer Nude, a coat of NYC In A NY Minute(IANYM), a coat of Petites Trick or Treat, a coat of Gelous, another coat of IANYM, double dots of a glitter and shimmer polish and another coat of IANYM on my nails

I am dreading removing all this polish!!! 😦

I am really enjoying wearing this look! I think I like to try other blogger’s nail tags and lists because it gets me out of my comfort zone.

From the get go I was not sure about the nude, then trying to pick a glitter or shimmer to go over it was nerve racking! Up until I painted my first nail with it I was unsure as to whether I would be posting a nail fail or not! LOL!

Plus sometimes it’s nice to not have to choose a nail design or color when you’re in the mood to paint those nails! 😉



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