14 & 15 —> Plasma Plays In 21 Ways

#14 Today we will wear blue

Love this one! I am such a fan of blue polish!!! I chose Sinful Colors Cinderella for this step!


#15 Grab a straw and do some paint splatters over that blue! One color, multicolored, whichever you choose!

My hubby taped my second hand off for me (see photo above)! He’s so sweet! Then as punishment for making him help with my nails he stabbed me in the foot!!! 😦

LOL!! Joking, it was a complete accident that I got stabbed in the foot, and it was a minor injury! I have been playing it up a little so he feels bad though! 😉

I used Revlon Hot For Chocolate a thin straw I bought from Ikea and lots of newspaper and paper towels to cover my work space! See my inspiration HERE!

I thought my first hand looked AWESOME!!!!

Until I saw my second hand!! I guess it’s true practice makes perfect, and this was just the look I wanted!!

Love how these turned out!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow it’s wear a pink day!!! YAY!!!!



3 thoughts on “14 & 15 —> Plasma Plays In 21 Ways

  1. This looks so great. I need to learn how to do the straw splatter thing, I’ve never tried that before. I assume it is somewhere here on your blog? Hit me up with a link, I want to try it!

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