Nail Magic

I’ve been using my NailMagic since January (see my first two posts here and here)  It works miracles!! I’ve heard all the crazy stories about it burning and bruising… but thankfully I didn’t have any of those side effects! 😀 It will dry your cuticles if you accidentally get it on them so be careful!

I have been on the quest for long, strong, healthy nails for years! The closest I ever came to finding the answer was Nail Envy by OPI. It kept my nails a little stronger, but they didn’t really grow any longer than normal before splitting on the side and breaking! 😦

These days they are the longest they have ever been! See my most recent post here. Not to say that I haven’t broken any nails! I just recently jammed my thumb nail on the bathroom stall in Target and ended up with a huge chip on the corner of my nail! 😦 The people in Target probably thought I was a nut because I rooted through my purse frantically to  get a file to fix it! I had to file it back to the tip of my finger!! It has already grown a little since the break though.

I also had a really bad spot on the middle finger of my right hand that has finally grown out to the tip of the nail. Since it is such a damaged spot I have been keeping it filed a little shorter than my other nails.

I finally LOVE my nails! (But not in green LOL!)


I bought NailMagic at Sally Beauty. All of the above statements are my personal opinion.


2 thoughts on “Nail Magic

  1. My nails are also the longest and healthiest they have ever been! And I am putting them through more torture than ever with more acetone and polish than they have had to deal with in the past. I owe my success to Lush Lemony Flutter. Love that stuff!

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