Toy story nails

I painted my friend’s, daughter’s nails this morning! She wanted Toy Story nails… Thankfully she had several pictures of examples.I’ll link to them later today.


How cute!?!? My camera didn’t get a super good photo of the thumb, which is the bottom of woody’s shoe. It said Andy on it!


Here are the links Clouds, Woody & Buzz (her Buzz is so much better than mine!!) and Woody’s Shoe

I love love love the clouds and hope to some on my own nails soon! ♥A


6 thoughts on “Toy story nails

  1. This is awesome! I tried Toy Story a couple of weeks back, found it so hard to get the clouds right! Your patterns are slightly neater than mine, and I’m loving the Andy on the thumb!

    • Thanks!!! It’s easier to paint on someone else. I’ll have to check yours out, did you do a post about them? The girl I painted them on brought photos of 3 different nail designs and she liked bits and pieces of them all! I actually used a 2-Way Nail Star pen (from China) for the clouds. While I was doing them I said I want to try it on my own nails now! 😀

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