(Pic Heavy) 18 & 19—> Plasma Plays In 21 Ways

18 Wear A Purple!

This Is essence colour & go – Where Is The Party? Which is a fabulous multichrome! Check out more pics below!

I know it rocks right!?!?!?

19 Add a chevron

I had trouble with chevrons and tape so I decided to try out nail tip guides! 🙂 I don’t remember where these came from, but I think it was in a kit with other nail jewels and stickers… maybe a Kiss Kit from Wal-Mart or Rite-Aid? They worked really well! I’ll be sad when I run out and have to search for more! LOL

For the first chevron I used Layla Hologram Effect- Mercury, then the tips are Glitter Ga; 10 to Midnight! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too much with the holos and multichrome, but it turns out holos and multichromes are like glitter… the more the better! 😀

I love the above picture!!! It’s all gray and shimmer… it’s rare that these polishes look like this and it took a lot of dancing, tilting and photographing all around my front porch to capture a pic of it! I love you all that much! 😉

Lastly I stopped at Walgreens for some .99 cent Sinful Colors and Sally’s Beauty for my daughter’s hair color and ended up with a pretty awesometastical haul so expect a huge picture filled post all about THE CHEAPEST HAUL EVER in the near future! 😀



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