Haul- Sinful Colors Make Some Noise

When I heard Walgreens had all their Sinful Colors on sale for .99 cents I of course rushed right out to scoop some up!!

This is just part of my haul for that day. I didn’t want to overload the post with photos! (Especially since a few of my most recent posts have been pretty pic heavy!)

I got all but one in the Make Some Noise Collection. When I picked up “Pink” I thought it was sooo similar to some of the other pinks I was buying, (and I few I already own) so I passed on it.

Now for some photos! 

From left to right Fusion Neon, Irish Green, Dream On, Summer Peach, Neon Melon and (not pictured) Cream Pink

Once I got home I realized I already have Cream Pink… I kind of wish I had picked up Pink instead! LOL! But the formula seems better in the new one! My old one was streaky until the 3rd coat!!!

I love all of these colors and when I swatched them they are nice and creamy, smooth formulas! I did 2 semi thick coats on my swatch wheel.

From left to right Fusion Neon, Irish Green, Summer Peach, Cream Pink,  Neon Melon and Dream On.

Fusion Neon, Summer Peach, NeonMelon and Dream On have the classic neon matte finish, Irish Green is a shiny cream and Cream Pink has a goldish shimmer to it.



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