Jelly Sandwich Time (Pic Heavy)

When I originally saw this collection come out I was not impressed… I read tons of rave reviews and saw people rushing out to buy it, I just couldn’t get excited about it 😦 None of the colors jumped out at me! Frankly I couldn’t guess what was so awesome about a bunch of sheer pastels and a silver glitter that’s been done again and again? LOL!

I went to Ulta several weeks ago and while shopping happened across this little mini set. I had bought a super chunky Spoiled Glitter called Trust Fund Baby a week or so before this and had been thinking about doing a jelly sandwich with it. I figured since they were all mini and cute and I could all 4 colors for a decent price I’d try them out. They are all very sheer, but I can see the lavendery tint on my nails from Care To Danse? Not so sure the camera picked it up  good though 😦

And so is the story of how I happened to do this Jelly Sandwich with OPI Care To Danse? and Spoiled Trust Fund Baby

Time for pictures!!

Trust Fund Baby

2 coats OPI Care To Danse?

1 coat Spoiled Trust Fund Baby

2 more coats of OPI Care To Danse? Outside no flash

You can really see how milky the OPI color is over the glitter in this one!

inside flash

I think this last picture shows what they look like IRL the best!!! The glitter is still very vibrantly colored!



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