orange, it’s obvious!

Today’s Summer Challenge is

Orange Freestyle Day

I used essie Orange, it’s obvious!, essie luxeffects Shine Of The Times, nail stickers and orange fimo slices for this mani.

These are the slices I originally picked before I had a plan!

Then I found the flower nail stickers and decided to go super literal with this one so I did Orange Nails with Orange Slices and Orange Blossoms!!! LOL!

I know the flower doesn’t look exactly like and actual orange tree blossom, but I figured with everything else going on it would be OK.

I only used Shine of The Times on my ring finger to really accent the orangey fabulousness of those little slices.

You can see there is a tiny piece of fimo that broke off my last slice… sigh. My clear coat was sooo thick I was afraid to dip my tweezers in there to fish it out!

The best part of doing a nail challenge is that you get to try new things that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise. In my case I am not a fan of orange polish. I see it on other people and think it’s pretty, but it’s just not very flattering to my coloring. For this very reason I probably wouldn’t have ever tried out this mani.

I’m so glad I did because I found out this color actually doesn’t look so bad on me! I probably won’t wear it very often, but it’s back on the list of OK colors! 😉

The next challenge is Favorite Summer Color! Can’t wait!!


To see more great Orange Freestyle Day manis click the link below or see the list of bloggers participating below the link!

Summer Challengers

List of girls taking part in Summer Challenge – maybe not every day, but definitely participating


4 thoughts on “orange, it’s obvious!

  1. love the design i havent tried sticker with fimo yet,, i thought they individually for themselve.. lol…

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