MSMD Memorial Day Monday

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I found the perfect Monkey See Monkey Do mani for today at The Polished Perfectionist!

I’m always so nervous when I attempt an homage to another polish blogger!! This wasn’t a super fancy or hard design but as we all know those are sometimes the hardest to recreate! Mine isn’t an exact replica… I used different polishes (same color scheme) and I think her little bumps are neater than mine. 😦

Make sure you check out the link above because her inspiration for the original manicure is gorgeous!!!

I used Finger Paints Curator’s Crimson and Easel Come, Easel Go!, sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle White Tip and Pure Ice French Kiss with a top coat of NYC In A New York Minute. I always forget to add the top coat, but be aware unless I say otherwise it’s always NYC’s IANYM! LOL!

I kept thinking I should add a couple stars to this mani, it was so hard to stick to her original design, which is beautiful all on its own… but for Memorial Day or July 04th it would be adorable with the stars! !!

This is what I turned around and saw when I finished my mani tonight! LOL!

Too cute right!?!?


P.S. what do you think of the new look on my blog? I was ready for a change! 🙂

Check out these other wonderful bloggers participating in this challenge!


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