Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

I used a million different polishes on this one and I’m still not in love with it, but I doctored it up enough to post about it!! LOL! Today’ challenge for The Purple Crumpet Fairy’s Summer Challenge was Swimming pool… so I had envisioned all the beautiful swimming pool liners I have seen!!

Good idea right?!?!? Yes, well I had a rough time transferring that amazing idea onto my nails! 😦

I started with a coat of Pure Ice Pussy Cat then did a tip with a Nail Star 2-way pen in a shimmering royal blue.

That’s where things went downhill. I hated the blue on the Pussy Cat but I forged ahead and stamped an Image from BM220 with Konad Special White Polish and then again with Konad Special Silver. It still looked ridiculous so I added LA Colors Static Electricity with the same image plate.

At this point I loved the look of the tips, but not at all with Pussy Cat so I decided to camouflage it with some glitter. My first choice was Pure Ice Heart Breaker, but it didn’t make a very noticeable change so I added Funky Finger Baby-Baby-Baby and then a coat of Heart Breaker over that.

This is still not what I was seeing in my head, but I feel so frustrated over the whole thing I have decided I may stab someone in the eye if I attempt this mani again. GRRR!

On the up side I do like Baby-Baby-Baby, it’s super glittery and looks really nice over Pussy Cat and it almost has that shimmering water look to it if you squint real hard and only look out the corner of your right eye.




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