Hippie-Retro-Summer Of Love

This was such a super FUN mani to do and I got a million and one compliments on it too!!! ♥

I was going to do a Peace sign on my ring finger, but I had 2 small weird spots that it wouldn’t have covered so I ended up with the flowers instead!! LOL!

“Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!”
― Clint EastwoodHeartbreak Ridge

I used 21 different polishes on this mani… yes you just read that right TWENTY-ONE colors!!!! I’ve posted them all at the very bottom of this post and they are all in the tags for this post too! I also used a dotting tool for the flowers and tiny polka-dots and a sponge for the gradient on my ring finger.


To see other beautiful Hippie-Retro-Summer Of Love Manis follow the link below!

Here’s the rundown of colors used… it’s a long list so bear with me!

  • Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
  • Sinful Colors, Fusion Neon
  • Finger Paints, Curator’s Crimson
  • Nina Ultra Nail Pro, Orange Flame
  • essie, Orange It’s Obvious
  • Sinful Colors, Neon Melon
  • Spoiled, Designated Driver
  • Pure Ice, Wild Thing
  • Revlon, Posh
  • Orly, Frisky
  • Sinful Colors, Why Not
  • Pure Ice, French Kiss
  • Sinful Colors, Dream On
  • LA Girl Black Light Nail Polish Disco Brites, Hustle
  • NailStar 2-Way Pens, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Neon Green, Sky Blue, True Blue, Purple

4 thoughts on “Hippie-Retro-Summer Of Love

    • I often spend the whole day doing a mani in 10 minute spurts b/c I don’t always make the time to sit and get it done start to finish! LOL!!
      I did this one while watching an episode of Supernatural so I’d say about 40 minutes to an hour. I didn’t wait for the dots to dry before adding the second colors so closer to 40 minutes would be my guestimate! LOL!

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