Goth Stamping

Today’s post for Adventures In Stamping is Goth.

I chose to do a sort of Gothic Victorian theme.

This was my inspiration…

I didn’t have a smokey purple like the jacket so I had to mix a few colors to get what I wanted.

I used essie-smokin’ hot, L’Oreal Wear Extraordinaire- Purple Splash, Orly-Faint Of Heart and Orly-Wild Wisteria to get the base color. I stamped an image from plate m65 with Konad Black Polish and the rose from RA-116 with Konad Silver Polish.

I think they turned out really cute? goth, although there aren’t any skulls or crosses.

In my head this is Victorian Goth what do you all think?

I love the color I mixed and I think the images I chose go together nicely! 🙂 In real life the black on the purple is slightly more muted, but it was really hard to get a non-fuzzy photo without using my flash 😦 The top of my pinky in the photo above is closer to real life. 😉



4 thoughts on “Goth Stamping

  1. Love it!! It’s dark and edgy, without going all black and skulls. I really love how that base turned out too. Must’ve been a pain mixing all that though >_o

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