Wimbledon 2012

Today’s Summer Challenge is Wimbledon!

Honestly I considered skipping this one because I thought Tennis was going to be a really hard mani to do, but I pulled up my big girl panties and forged ahead! 😉

Here’s the Official Wimbledon Online Shop which is how I chose my colors Purple and Green!

I really like my tennis balls and court, but the racket  isn’t my best work. Unfortunately this was my second try at it, so I’m pretty sure this was the best I was gonna get at it! LOL!  I know my purple looks a little blurpley, but I promise it’s a true purple in real life! I just couldn’t capture it with the sun today!!

I used LA Girl Disco Brites- Hustle, Revlon- Posh, Sinful Colors-Snow Me White, Pure Ice-Wild Thing, Sinful Colors Nail Art- Me First & Worn Before and Kiss Nail Art Paint-White.

I mixed Wild Thing and Me First to get the tennis ball color. 😉

I’m so glad I tried this one!



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