(Almost) Naked Nails

Just a quicky post to show you all the new length on my (almost) naked nails today! 😉

I’m wearing Nail Magic in the photo below. Sorry my nails are so stained and yucky looking! I have a couple of homemade nail whitening recipes I want to try out soon… I’ll let you all know if any of them work! 🙂

I got two small cracks on my right hand, index & middle nails yesterday and today 😦  I repaired them and cut them way back this morning. I think I cut about 1/2 my tips off then filed a little more off to even them all out. What you see above is the result! I know the tear on my index finger was definitely due to the length… I stoved it on the door handle! 😦 Not sure what happened to the middle finger, I realized it was torn when I was washing my hair last night.

Hopefully the new length will make for healthier nails, and they’ll for sure be easier to polish!!!

I used to use Orly Nail Repair before watching Colette’s YouTube video here about patching nails and this is this tutorial. So far I like the light-less gel better than Orly because I don’t have to file it (occasionally they need a little light buffing between manis) and it seems to last longer.

I didn’t get an actual picture of my repairs because I wasn’t planning on going into detail when I started this post! LOL! I’ll try to remember to add one next time i change my mani!



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