Summer Water Marble

This is my second attempt EVER at water marbling!! The first time was about a year ago and it was a disaster! 😦

Today’s actually didn’t turn out too bad!!! 🙂

By no means are they perfect… but they did turn out like a million times better than I expected! LOL!

I used China Glaze-Innocence and China Glaze- Make Some Noise for the marbling, with a base coat of Sinful Colors-Snow Me White.

I did the pinky first and worked my way to my thumb. Since I hadn’t ever done a successful marble and this one seemed to be going well I figured I could go ahead and mess with the patterns a little to see what I liked best for next time I try this technique out. My thumb got a little bubbly and weird, but I think my water was dirty on that last try.

Every time I look at hem I pick a different nail as my favorite. As I type this and look at the picture I’m going to say my favorite is either my pinky or my index finger. My pinky has a great mixture of color and shape, but my index finger makes me think of sherbet!!! YUM!

What do you all think of the mixed patterns and which one(s) are your favorite?



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