Pink & Purple

Today’s post for the Summer Challenge is Pink & Purple!

I was so excited for this one but I’m not so in love with how this mani turned out!

I didn’t even do a proper cleanup… sorry! 😦

I used China Glaze Sexy Silhouette and Sinful Colors Lets Talk then added some leopard print with Petites Night. I also had add Sinful Colors Snow Me White under the pink on the spots because it just wasn’t showing up on the purple.

Lets Talk is a really true purple , but for whatever reason I couldn’t capture it with the camera.



4 thoughts on “Pink & Purple

  1. I feel your pain. I hated my pink and purple mani. Let’s Talk was impossible for me to capture on camera when I swatched it, too. It came out blue in every picture, which sucks because it is such a pretty purple.

    • I know right????!!!??? Every time I use it I’m disappointed with the photos of it!! LOL! Hopefully people do a google image for it so they can see what a beautiful true purple it is! LOL!

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