Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-303

Today’s winning challenge in Adventures in  Stamping was

Your Favorite New Stamp!!

I recently ordered and received the new 2012 Bundle Monster and Cheeky sets so I had a tough time choosing which one was a favorite!!! LOL! The reason I ordered the Bundle Monster set (as I mentioned in this post) was for the owls, but since I already used them for a previous challenge I decided to go with Plate BM-303.

I borrowed this plate picture from here. I just couldn’t get a good photo of my plate this evening!

How cute is this design!!! I love lip prints!!!

I started with a coat of OPI Time-Less Is More, then 1 coat of  essence colour & go Space Queen, Then I stamped with Konad Red, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Presto Pink and BM-303.

True story when I had just started dating my hubby 20 years ago he came home from his 1st schooling after boot camp with a huge tattoo on his arm that was all infected and scabby. Needless to say I was irritated that he hadn’t mentioned to me he was getting it!! LOL! Ever since then I told him before he could get another I wanted him to get my lip prints… it took almost 15 years after that first tattoo for him to finally get my actual lip print over his heart… and since then he hasn’t stopped!!!! He now has one full sleeve and 1/2 of another, his wedding ring, a few on his back and a big Sailor Jerry Hula girl on his leg.

♥ Since I did this mani I think of my lip prints over his heart every time I look at my nails! ♥

Awe, cute story right?

::Rolls eyes!::

Here’s a picture of his tattoo too. 🙂



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