Red + Orange + Yellow

= Hot Dog Nails?

I’m not so sure how I feel about these nails! This was my first attempt at Spun Sugar nails and I liked the technique, but I think I should have saved it for another color combo! LOL!

I did this mani last week for vacation and I’m just getting a chance to post about it so forgive me for forgetting some of my color/brand names! ♥

Not sure which red base I started with, but I think it was KleanColor brand. Next I added 3 coats of KleanColor Red-Hot and one of China Glaze Luxe & Lush.

For the spun sugar nail I used Spoiled Designated Driver and essence Wake Up! along with a dotting tool to do the drapey lines. Check out YouTube… there are many tutorials there for this technique.

I wish I had chosen another design for this mani, but I still think it was well executed and it would be adorable for a picnic or ball game since it makes me think of hot dogs! LMAO!


As always check out other great manis done in Red+Orange+Yellow by clicking the link below!


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