A Day At The Zoo

The Summer Challenge for today is A Day At The Zoo!

My family and I just stopped at a smallish petting zoo on our way to Gettysburg last week

so this was an extra  fun one for me!

I can’t wait to scrapbook this photo and then show it to all future husbands and wives at a later date!! LOL!

My kids hate getting their photo in these, but I on the other hand can’t let them pass one up!!!

::Insert evil giggles here::

Onto my nails.

Giraffe, Monkey, Lion, Lemur Tail

I used a ton of polishes so I am not listing them. If you want the name of one ask and I’ll answer to the best of my memory! 🙂 I will tell you I used BM-215 and an older Revlon polish named Fudge for the Giraffe stamping.


As always check out other challengers by clicking the link below!


2 thoughts on “A Day At The Zoo

  1. My mom has the worst picture of me coming out of a porta potty when I was a little kid and drives me freaking crazy! SO of course you have to do it to your children when the time comes. YOUR NAILS ARE SO CUTE!

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