Nail Mail!!!

Yesterday I received to of the packages I’ve been waiting for! They came so FAST!!!

Today I am going to focus on just one of the companies I ordered from… Amy’s Nail Boutique on Etsy.

How adorable is this packaging!?!?!

I ordered Fiesta!-Red, orange, yellow, purple, green, and blue matte glitter.


Woodsie’s Wish – Matte Turquoise, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange, Hot Pink and Purple in a White Base.

They both went on so easy!

Woodsie’s Wish is done in 3 nice coats.

Fiesta! is 2 coats over Finger Paints Curator’s Crimson, Orly Sweet Peacock, Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Wild Orchid, Orly Liquid Vinyl and Maybelline Porcelain Party.

I can’t wait to use these with some nail art!!



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