Lush Lacquer Love! Very Pic Heavy!!!

Today I have another post on an Indy polish I picked up on Etsy!

Lush Lacquer

I had a tough time picking which ones to try first and started with a list of 8 which I finally narrowed down to 3! It was so hard! She has so many amazing polishes and I was nervous to get the minis, but since I ordered from several different companies the same day I had a limited budget! LOL!

Turns out I needlessly worried because I didn’t have any trouble getting the glitter from the bottle to my nails… no fishing with these babies!

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri and added salt n peppa.

I can’t even express how much I adore this combo!! I got so many compliments! It reminds me of the Grease nails I recently did, a little girly and a little sassy all rolled into one mani! 😉

This is one coat of salt n peppa by the way! 😮

Here’s the description from Lush Lacquer’s website for this one.

“sheer base with a mixture of different sizes and shapes of black and white glitters… squares, hexagons, rounds and bar strips make up this “killer combo”. We added iridescent glitter to make it different from all the other black & white combos out there.”

The iridescent glitter really makes this one stand out from the rest!

Next up is pink panther over NYC Sidewalkers.

Can you tell I was on a pink, black and white glittery roll when I was ordering?

This is also one coat of pink panther. Look at all that yummy glitter!


Here’s Lush Lacquer’s description for this one

“clear sheer base with a mixture of glitter…all different sizes of matte pink , matte black and matte white glitters are used to make this gorgeous polish. We use fine, medium and a few larger hexagonal matte glitter. We don’t use any bar glitters in this combination”

I love matte glitter!

Last but by far not least is Birthday Cake! Yummy!

Birthday Cake took 4 coats to get it really opaque and it was very textured after that fourth coat. The picture above is before I top coated. If you click it you can see the grit. It definitely was not as easy to apply as the glitters, but was well worth the extra coats!! 😀

Here you can see the texture I was talking about, but you can also see the amazing amount of glitter packed into one little bottle of polish!

Here’s what Lush Lacquer says about it.

“a creamy white base with a mixture of confetti glitter… pink, orange, gold , blue, green and purple iridescent small glitters are used throughout. It also has the same colors in bar strips. We added holographic silver hex glitters to make it sparkle”

It was much prettier after the top coat! 😉

I hadn’t realized how much I liked white base glitter filled polishes until I was putting this polish away after swatching… and realized I have 2 other polishes that are similar.

None of these are exactly the same, though they look close in the bottles above.

I decided to do a little comparison to see exactly what the difference is (hoping they were all completely different so I would feel better about my 2 most recent purchases!)

In the photo above from my index over is Amy’s Nail Boutique Woodsie’s Wish, Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake, Lacquer Convention’s Pop Tart (my first indy polish ever) and on the pinky is Birthday Cake again.

Here’s a slightly better photo. All three polishes have 3-4 coats and have been top coat photo. I wish I had gotten a couple more photos. 😦

Woodsie’s Wish on my index finger is a milky white base with large hex glitter. As you can see it has slightly less glitter than the other two, but it’s still really packs a punch! It had a very smooth finish even before top coating.

Birthday Cake on my middle finger is a milky white base jam-packed with glitter, so much glitter that it has a rather rough texture. It has several shapes and sizes of glitter. It has a good bit of magenta glitter that the other’s don’t! The larger hex glitter is a little sparse in comparison to the small and bar glitters.

Pop Tart on my pinky is a milky white base that’s a little more sheer than the other two. It has hex and small glitter but no bars. This one’s glitter is a little pinker than the other two. Like Woodsie’s wish it is a smooth polish even before the top coat. It really does remind me of the icing on a strawberry pop tart! 😉



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