Needle Drag

I’m not experienced at the technique of needle dragging, but I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and decided I could do this summer challenge! LOL!

As you can see it turned out a little less than perfect. I have several marks where the polish dried too fast and didn’t form back together after I did the dragging. I like the concept and colors and I’m proud of myself for trying.

In real life the mistakes aren’t so noticeable. I actually hadn’t realized my pinky was as jacked up as it is until I saw this ginormous picture on my computer screen. 😉

I used a tooth pick, Insta-Dri Mint Sprint and Presto Pink for this mani. I chose Insta-Dri because it’s a nice thick one coat polish, but in hind site I am wondering if it dried to quick for this technique?

In any case I did enjoy trying out the two different designs and minus the bare spots I love my pinky and ring finger the best!

What do you all think of needle dragging? Is this a technique you want to try?



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