Happy Birthday Mani + Dog Spam!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! I’m turning 38 today! 😮

I’m actually typing this post the night before in hopes that I have such a fantabulous day tomorrow I won’t have time to post! 😀

I decided on something kind of simple, but very sparkled and spectacular for my birthday mani this year! LOL!! That sentence makes no sense at all, I know. 😉

I started with Finger Paints Black Expressionism and then sponged on China Glaze Tinsel Town.

Then I added a little Cover Girl Nail Slicks Snowglobe and LA Colors Sassy Sparkle.

(Both were sponged with the same sponge used for Tinsel Town)

I love how sparkly my nails are… and they will match anything I decide to wear tomorrow! 😉

My little Peanut was watching me through the window while I snapped away on my nails. I think she was waiting for her photo shoot – so here’s all 6.5#’s of her! LOL!

She almost never climbs on the back of the couch… so she must have REALLY wanted her picture taken today! 😀



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