I’m A Winner!!!

I recently won two different giveaways!!! I know, I was so excited!!!!

I’m going to start with The Crazy Nail Lady‘s Giveaway… She’s also the owner of Llama Lacquers on etsy. Go check out her shop, she has some amazing polishes!!

I got to pick 2 of her polishes- On the left is Redrum and the right is Strawberry Susie. I tried them each on a thumb and they are both awesome!!!!

I also received several LA Colors polishes.

And this adorable sequined boot!!

I am totally putting this in my purse!!! 😀

Next up I won a great set of prizes from MissHollyBerries!

I was able to fit everything into one photo on this one! 🙂

From left to right Bath & Body Halloween pocket bacs, they smell delicious! A Bath & Body Autumn candle (which is seriously my favorite fall candle scent!!) An eye shadow set that my daughter and I tried out for the Haunted House last night!! (It’s so sparkly in real life). A no name red sparkle polish and of course the China Glaze Wicked Collection!!! YAY!! I used Ghoulish Glow last night also, it works great!!

Thanks to both misshollyberries and CrazyNailLady for the fabulous giveaways!! I can’t tell you how excited and happy I was to win both of them!!!



6 thoughts on “I’m A Winner!!!

    • I’ve been thinking of manicures to do with it all since I got them!!! So far I’ve only used Ghoulish Glow though! 😉

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