Autumn Ombre

Today for the Fall Into Autumn Challenge on Facebook we had to create an Autumn Gradient or Ombre!

I love both gradients and ombres so this was super exciting for me!!! To see a great explanation from The swatchaholic about the difference between Gradient, Ombre or Skittle manicures click here!

I did a super simple ombre for this challenge.

I don’t think I have ever done a red ombre manicure before and I am in love with it!!! 😀

Thumb: Revlon-Scarlet Curtain Index: Pure Ice- Crimson Middle: Finger Paints- Framed In Red Ring: Wined Up Pinky: OPI-Black Cherry Chutney

I’m planning to recycle this mani for another challenge so watch for the up-cycled mani on Tuesday!!

<======To see more Autumn ombre/gradients click the link!!



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