Ombre & Pumpkins

Today’s Halloween Challenge is Pumpkins and as I promised in last Friday’s Ombre post I have recycled my Ombre mani into my Pumpkin Mani!! I love when that works out!!!

Here’s how they started as Ombre Nails. 🙂

Then I used Sinful Colors-Snow Me White to paint my pumpkin and stem shapes on and Revlon- Hot For Chocolate for the stripes.

They kind of look like those pretty white pumpkins. I don’t know what they are called (and I’m too lazy to look it up now) but I call them ghost pumpkins! 😉

Next I used Wet n Wild Inferno & Jade to paint over the white and brown.

How cute is this??? It worked just the way I wanted it to!! Inferno and Jade are both a thin shimmery formula so the White made them pop with only one coat and the brown really shows through beautifully!

To see more pretty pumpkins click the link above!!!


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