Halloween Nails

Today’s Fall Into Autumn Challenge is Halloween!

I decided to do some classic Halloween Horror Characters for this one! 😀

On my Thumb is Pumpkinhead. I started with essie-orange it’s obvious, then did subtle stripes with China Glaze Roguish Red. For the face I used a nail art brush and Finger Paints-Black Expressionism. His little stem was painted on with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and then gone over with Confetti-Green With Envy.

My Index is a simple version of Frankenstein! I used Confetti-Green With Envy and Black Expressionism for this one.

My Middle is Bride of Frankenstein!! Love this one!! I started with Black Expressionism and then added her white stripe with Kiss Nail Art Paint-White

My Ring Finger is a Vampire… I’m not so happy with how this one turned out. The more I messed with it the worse it got. 😦 Once again I started with Black Expressionism. I dabbed Fresh Paint-Lucky on the tip and as the blood drips. I used Kiss Nail Art Paint at the top for the teeth.

My Pinky is a Zombie! I started with Orly Faint Of Heart then used Black Expressionism for the details.

<=====For More fabulous Halloween Manis click the link!!



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