“H” Mani & Favorite Halloween Mani Recreated

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Our trick or treating has been postponed until Saturday due to Frankenstorm. 😦 I’m glad my kids are older and understand safety always comes first!! I know for younger children this would have been a major disappointment!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and evening of Tricks & Treats!! Make sure you all stay safe out there!

My “H” Mani for Llama Nails and Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Halloween challenge for Halloween are combined in this post!!!

For Llama Nails we had to do an “H” mani and for Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Halloween Challenge we were to recreate our favorite Halloween Mani! I have been saving Halloween Manis on Pinterest all month!!! You can see my board here and the Halloween Challenge board here! I had some super fabulous designs to choose from, but what should have been a really hard decision wasn’t!! LOL! Throughout this month I just kept coming back to this one manicure that stuck out in my mind, so I decided to do it!

It’s a Haunted House Mani done by Nails by Kayla Shevonne!

So here’s my try at recreating her Haunted House mani!

For the gradient I used Ulta-Celebutante, LA Colors-Unknown Purple and Zoya-Caitlin.

I painted the bats and Haunted House with a nail art brush and Finger Paints-Black Expressionism.

Orly-Spark was used for the window and door.

Sinful Colors-Snow Me White for the bat eyes and moon.

Mine is far from being as good as hers!!! I don’t know how she kept her bat lines so perfect!?!?! LOL! But I enjoyed recreating it and I think it will be fun to wear today for Halloween!

In other news it has been colder and the rain hasn’t stopped for days!!! Thankfully we aren’t getting anywhere near the damage that others are, so I can’t complain too much!! I hope you all are sending Prayers and good thoughts to all the people being hit by Frankenstorm!

On a lighter note- this is how I suspect my little Peanut will be spending the rest of Fall and Winter…

Here’s a little story about Peanut. She weighs 6 pounds and is a Chihuahua/Yorkie.

She is forever cold in the winter, so every time the heat kicks on she runs for her register in the kitchen and sprawls out across it until it has finished blowing! There is a register so close to her bed in the living room they are touching… but she has claimed the kitchen register as her domain!

I moved my red cart over the register HER register in the kitchen!!! How dare I!?!?! (I actually didn’t have one single other spot to put this dumb cart)

It took her 2 days of the register blowing to figure out how she could still get on it!! LOL!! When it stops blowing she wiggles her little self out the other side- it looks a little like an army crawl! It is literally one of the cutest things I’ve seen her do! The best part? She does it every single time the register blows! 😀

Love that little dog!

<====For more Halloween Recreations click the link!!

<====For more “H” manis click this link!!

Have a Happy, Fun & Safe Halloween!!!



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