Stamping Over Blue

Today’s Challenge was to stamp over blue! This post is really pic heavy!

I decided to use another untried polish! At this rate I should be through them all by the end of December! LOL! 😉

I started with Pure Ice Blue Midnight, which is from their new Velour Collection! The first coat was a little smudgy and if you try to pull the brush over an already painted spot before it’s dry the color will lift back off your nail… the second coat went on much easier and made it full coverage!

I am so in love with this color and finish! It’s very similar to matte, but it’s a shimmery matte! I think this color is going to get used a lot during winter!

This is inside no flash, it’s not really color accurate.

Inside with flash, this is very color accurate!!

I think this one really shows the Velour finish of the polish!

Then I used Pure Ice-Silver Mercedes to stamp an image from CH14!

I love the shiny metallic silver over the shimmery velour blue! 😀Inside with flash.

My ring and pinky are very color accurate!!

Inside no flash.



8 thoughts on “Stamping Over Blue

  1. I was so worried when I tried their velour finishes with the first coat. It was so gloopy and had so many bald spots, but like you said, the second coat made it Perfect. I am loving this combination.

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