Changes To The Blog

I just wanted to share a few changes to my blog. I’m still working on them so bare with me!

I saw an Indie Polish page on The Crumpet’s blog… and I knew I NEEDED this on my blog!!!

To see it you can either go to the top of my page and click ♥Indie Love♥ or use this link!  So far I’ve added the Brands, Names and closeup shots of the polish!!! I still need to swatch them, but I don’t think that’s going to happen until after December! 😦

My second change is removing all the blog links from the side of my main page. I have so many badges from Facebook Groups I’m in and Nail Art Challenges I’m participating in and Award badges that I felt like no one even noticed the blog roll. I didn’t want to get rid of them just move them somewhere else… so I made a page for them also! Unfortunately it is taking for ever to get them moved over and linked back up. 😦 So sorry!!!

Just for fun, here’s the inspiration for Saturday’s post!! 😉

Can anyone guess what it is or the theme?



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